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Fun Branson Shows For the Whole Family

A Show Guide by Discover Branson

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Branson, Missouri is considered to be a mecca for live entertainment, including concerts, musicals, comedy shows, stunts acts, magic performances, animal expos, and more; with so many chances to be entertained, it is no wonder why Branson draws more than 7 million visitors each year!

Prepare to be astounded by amazing acrobats, ultra-talented singers, grand stage spectacles, and captivating animals. If you’re looking for the perfect family-friendly getaway, what better place to experience an unforgettable adventure with your family than here in Branson?

Not only is Branson an ideal destination for families looking to enjoy some quality time together, it also provides a great escape for those looking for a truly unique experience? The city's energetic atmosphere, stunning scenery, and no shortage of activities make it the perfect destination for families to enjoy together.

With the very best seats right in the front row, Discover Branson is here with the best values and low prices. We've collaborated with renowned entertainment venues to create a comprehensive package that won't break the bank and will lend itself to forming memories which your family will cherish for years to come.

We have compiled the ultimate list of the best family-friendly shows in Branson. With our recommendations, you and your family can truly get an immersive experience from local talents and even international performances. Check out our 7 Best Shows to Watch with Your Family.

The Haygoods

Dubbed as “Branson’s Most Popular Show”, get ready for a night of unparalleled entertainment, unforgettable memories, and an exciting opportunity for you and your family to meet The Haygoods after their extraordinary show.

Prepare yourself for the experience of a lifetime with 5 brothers and a sister performing on 20+ instruments. You are sure to be delighted by their one-of-a-kind arrangements, featuring music from the 1960s all the way through the present. Their world-class production and mind-blowing special effects will take your breath away.

For years, Branson's audiences have been captivated by these unbelievably talented performers who began their journey as youngsters performing for thousands of music lovers at Silver Dollar City. They have crafted an original style that continually reinvigorates their acts and introduces a completely fresh show each season. With their captivating choreography, stunning harmonies, sophisticated sound and special effects, amusing wit and endless energy - it's no wonder "The Haygoods" have been selling out venues for over three decades. This talented family of entertainers has sold a staggering 6 million tickets in that time.

From classic country tunes to contemporary pop hits, The Haygoods deliver an incredible performance that will take you on a journey through five decades of amazing music. Bring your family to see this family put on a remarkable show.

Reza Edge of Illusion Show

Abracadabra! Prepare to be amazed as you witness mind-boggling feats of illusion and a captivating production during Reza's Edge of Illusion in Branson, Missouri.

Reza's unique form of entertainment has gained him worldwide recognition, appearing on the likes of A&E's Duck Dynasty and The CW’s Penn & Teller: Fool Us. His talent has been featured in 31 different countries, making him a truly global performer.

Not only is he a magician, Reza is a fantastic comedian as well. By blending stage production elements with masterfully comedic timing and interactive moments, Reza's audience has the opportunity to personally experience the magic firsthand. What makes him truly special is his extraordinary talent for connecting to viewers, making for a truly magical and captivating experience.

This enigmatic magic show is truly one-of-a-kind. Mesmerizing audiences with his impressive illusions, sharp wit and clever sleight-of-hand tricks, Reza will make you laugh as he defies the laws of nature. Don't miss this energetic stage performance that makes for an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

Grand Shanghai Circus-Amazing Acrobats

Revel in spectacular performances featuring feats of human strength, death-defying aerial acrobatics, gracefully precise figure skating and juggling that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Get ready to be mesmerized. Let AMAZING ACROBATS OF SHANGHAI transport you to the exotic Orient with its stunning costumes, landscapes, and unparalleled acrobatic acts at the magnificent Grand Shanghai Theatre. Prepare to be incredulous! Every performer offers something special to their audience, whether it is the impeccable skills of precision skating, foot juggling, or aerial acrobats.

The Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai, presented by the Shanghai Circus, is a show full of exciting new performances far beyond anything you've seen before. Through their awe-inspiring acrobatics, vibrant dance numbers, comical acts, captivating magic tricks, and remarkable aerial feats, they honor the spirit of Chinese history and culture with breathtaking artistry. Experience a new level of entertainment with Shanghai Circus; witness the perfect blending of LED technology and artistic performances for an unforgettable experience.

Marvel at the incredible acrobatic maneuvers, experience thrilling moments and laugh joyfully. All ages in the family will be enchanted by the Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai. This extraordinary show brings an amazing snapshot of Shanghai's exuberance to life right before you.

Amazing Pets Show

For an exciting and unique experience in Branson, don't miss the "Amazing Pets" show! Spectators of all ages will be amazed to witness dogs and cats performing a wide array of tricks. It's a great opportunity for families to take a break from the classic music shows that you'll find throughout the city, while still having family-friendly entertainment available.

Grand Country is one of the most beloved family attractions in Branson, making it the perfect place to host the Amazing Pets show. Branson’s Amazing Pets is sure to captivate kids of all ages with its wonderful circus-like performances by an extraordinary lineup of house pets. Cats, cuddly pooches, and even brightly colored exotic birds are not your average run-of-the-mill circus animals but everyday house pets that will put on a show that you won't want to miss.

Valery Tsoraev, a highly-regarded animal trainer, has crafted an amazing show of feline acrobatics and tricks. His performance at the esteemed Cole Bros. Circus of the Stars was greatly acclaimed and even his cat co-starred in Tim Burton's movie Big Fish. Valery dedicates his life to caring for these gorgeous cats, some of whom are adopted from shelters and others who simply stumbled into his life. He teaches the cats to enjoy human companionship along with loving their own performances.

The Amazing Pets Show keeps the whole family laughing with its side-splitting performance of adorable canines and felines. On top of that, it's one of the few morning shows you can find, making it perfect for all members of the family to remember.

Legends in Concert

Gather your friends and family to experience some of the most beloved songs in music history packed into one night at "Legends in Concert." This Branson show features tribute acts for renowned artists such as Johnny Cash, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and many more. It's a thrilling performance that has something for each and every musical preference. Make sure you arrive with the family early so you can explore and take a memorabilia tour from Dick Clark's American Bandstand archives. 

Internationally known as the "World’s Greatest Live Tribute Show", Legends in Concert promises an unforgettable evening of family-friendly entertainment. From Johnny Cash, to Michael Jackson, Reba McEntire, Lady Gaga - you name it! Experience all your favorite stars rock the house at Dick Clark's American Bandstand Theater with tributes from The Blues Brothers™ and Elvis too. With an ever-changing line-up four times a year, there is something for all ages in the family at Dick Clark's American Bandstand Theater! Located on the celebrated Highway 76 "strip" in the heart of Branson, Missouri, this remarkable theater has 966 seats and a million dollar stage set.

Legends in Concert is an unparalleled tribute show experience in Branson. From uncanny impersonations of the most popular musical acts to captivating performances that honor your favorite childhood icons & the new era icons, this family-friendly production stands out from other music tribute shows. Both children and adults will be thrilled by how remarkable the attention to detail from costumes, style, and dance moves.

Buckets N Boards: Comedy Percussion Show

Buckets N Boards Comedy Percussion Show is an innovative creation brought to life by two talented performers! Matt Levingston and Gareth Sever, both exceptional musicians and comedians, make the show come alive with their bombastic energy. Through their mutual passion for music and rhythm, this remarkable on-stage production was ignited. The funny & witty dialogue between these two characters and the audience members is what truly brings it to life.

The jaw-dropping rhythms and flawless synchronization are amazing. The immense selection of instruments and everyday objects they interact with is mesmerizing. Their comedic dialogue, which arises from the spontaneous interactions with their audience, is what drives this incredible show forward.

Buckets N Boards has achieved massive success in Branson, MO for the past 10 summer seasons and have also performed with the Kansas City Symphony. Currently, they are one of the most sought-after headline acts on Disney Cruise Lines! Their unique combination of imaginative songs, exquisite harmonies, tap dancing artistry, beatboxing skillfully executed beats, body percussion, and bucket drumming sequence together create a pristine stage performance that will bring joyto each and every family member.

The cast will get the whole family clapping and laughing with their infectious comedy and percussion. Matt and Garrett crafted this one-of-a-kind show that is sure to captivate all of its viewers. This remarkable performance only takes place a few months out of the year, so be sure to witness the spectacle while you can! Don't miss your opportunity this season. This is a show you and your family won't want to miss.

Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Drama

Step back in time and experience Harold Bell Wright's classic novel, The Shepherd of the Hills with a stunning reenactment show. Get ready to be transported into the Ozark Mountains during the late 1800s! Perfect for families or groups alike; this Branson production offers outdoor seating amongst lush greenery including three ticket options: general admission, VIP access, or family passes.

The Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Drama presents Harold Bell Wright's beloved novel set in the picturesque Ozarks hills of Missouri. With over sixty years of entertaining guests, this captivating production not only has a heartwarming love story but also an inspiring moral message and action-packed scenes that make it unlike any other theater drama in Branson. Every single night, over ninety actors and actresses collaborate with an array of animals like horses, donkeys, mules, and sheep to bring alive this heart-stirring tale in a theater beneath the starry sky. With modern special effects you can witness gun fire exchanges, fist fights as well as the burning of a cabin! The performers at The Shepherd of the Hills are often from nearby areas that have typically grown up watching their families play similar parts they do now.

The show goes back to the 1800's, when the Ozark hills were a picture of turbulence and chaos. To protect themselves from lawlessness, citizens formed an organization that eventually spiraled out of control when their own selfish interests got the best of them. As this two-hour long production unfolds before you, you will witness shootouts, feel the heat as a log cabin is set alight, and unravel mysteries rooted deep in love stories—all culminating into one powerful moral message that remains relevant even today. Get ready to meet a host of captivating characters, such as Old Matt - the town's leader and Young Matt his son. Other characters and themes you will encounter include Sammy Lane's beauty, Wash Gibbs' villainy, Shepherd's aloofness, and Baldknobber gang who wholeheartedly represent vigilante justice.

Featuring a unique experience that sets it apart from the usual glitz and glamour of Branson's entertainment scene, The Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Drama presents an extraordinary opportunity to enjoy something rare. Don't miss out on this amazing chance to bring your entire family along and experience something truly special.

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