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Branson In the Spotlight: REZA: Edge of Illusion

A Series by Discover Branson

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REZA is a talented illusionist in Branson with far more than just a few tricks up his sleeve. Regarded as one of the foremost figures in the touring illusion industry, REZA performs spectacular illusions that defy logic and mesmerize audiences of all ages. Having performed extensively both nationally and internationally, as well as performing in Branson periodically over the past 10 years, REZA demonstrates his mind-boggling talent in his Branson show, REZA: Edge of Illusion. Reality and physics seem to bend at REZA’s command, leaving viewers bewildered. Few illusions are too daring for REZA to attempt; audiences will be mystified as they witness REZA accomplish unreal feats in his masterfully designed show. Audience participation is a key element to this show, and you just might get picked, so get ready to take the stage and become a part of REZA’s magic! You haven’t seen magic until you’ve seen REZA in his Branson show, REZA: Edge of Illusion.

Assistant to REZA is Samantha Feller, who has been in the performance industry for 17 years and has worked with REZA for 4 years. Feller wears many hats working alongside REZA, including production, marketing, and starring in REZA: Edge of Illusion. In order to showcase REZA’s remarkable talents to the largest possible audience, Feller has traveled to countless locations to promote REZA and his Branson show. Recently, Feller accompanied REZA to Los Angeles to film content for a future television project. When asked what she loves about her job, Feller expresses a heartwarming gratitude for the crowds that gather to see REZA, saying, “I love meeting the audience; before the show, after the show, during intermission. I love seeing the kids’ faces light up.” Making connections with fans is an essential value at the core of REZA: Edge of Illusion. Given this emphasis on including the audience in the show, as well as the expressions of gratitude that are extended to fans, it’s easy to see why REZA has a massive hit with Edge of Illusion in Branson.

While the illusions performed today have roots in the carnival and vaudeville industries that were prominent during the late 19th century and early 20th century, we have come a long way since the era when performers withstood cannonballs to the abdomen. In an effort to avoid irreversible devastation to one’s internal organs, contemporary magicians tend to favor illusions centered around playful manipulations of reality. Making objects disappear, making people levitate, and appearing to have psychic abilities are a few classic concepts made modern by illusionists, including REZA. Something uniquely impressive is his use of live video in REZA: Edge of Illusion, which closely captures REZA’s illusions from start to finish. Seeing every angle and detail of his illusions makes for a particularly awe-inspiring experience. Feller says that, “REZA is one of, [if not] the only magician that uses live camera feed throughout the show. [The camera] gives you a 360-degree view at all times.” The utter transparency REZA puts forth while performing his illusions will surely have viewers believing in magic.

It is a long-held value within the magic industry that magicians must never reveal their secrets. After all, knowing the method behind the magic would take the fun out of the experience. Still, one can’t help but be overcome with curiosity after witnessing a mind-blowing illusion. Many components are involved in the art of illusion; it’s not an easy task to trick someone before their very eyes. It takes a clever and insightful person to accomplish the illusions that REZA pulls off, seemingly effortlessly, as if he possesses actual powers. Having a foundational understanding of disciplines such as psychology and sociology are key to successfully performing illusions. It’s a fascinating concept: knowing how the mind processes visual stimuli makes it possible for illusionists to perform magical acts. Viewers arrive at a destination of perplexity when guided by a skilled illusionist. Knowing the background information is interesting, but it’s important to remember that magic shows are meant to be fun. It’s exciting to be awestruck; it’s tantalizing to see something you can’t explain. Even the most skeptical and discerning audience members should allow themselves to “believe” in magic, if only for the duration of the show. The temporary relinquishing of logic will be more than rewarded by REZA’s sensational illusions.

Feller discusses the developments in the world of illusion entertainment, crediting TV and social media as contributing factors to the industry’s advancements. She warmly welcomes the heightened exposure that magic is enjoying right now, and notes how its popularity serves a dual purpose: placing illusion work in a position of prominence, and motivating performers to regularly develop and refine their illusions. “It’s really been a game changer. It’s made [magic] more popular, and it has made magicians have to step up their game and be more creative.” Social media isn’t slowing down anytime soon, so the illusion industry is likely to see exponential advancements in the next several years. It’s an exciting time in an exciting industry; both illusionists and fans of illusionists can expect to see magnificent growth in the future. As REZA continues to gain international popularity, he is definitely a star to watch. His career is reaching monumental heights, with new illusions and big opportunities still on the horizon. It goes without saying that REZA’s show is a MUST-see when you’re vacationing in Branson.

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