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Branson Behind the Curtain: Grand Country Music Hall

A Series by Discover Branson

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Grand Country Music Hall is situated among a seemingly endless menagerie of things to do while on vacation in Branson. One can stay at Grand Country Inn; go for a swim at Splash Country, which includes both indoor and outdoor waterparks (those staying at Grand Country Inn receive free admission to Splash Country); challenge friends and family to games at Fun Spot, which is Grand Country’s exhilarating arcade; and grab a bite to eat at Grand Country Buffet, Papa Grand’s Pizza, Minnie’s Camper, or Mining Company Grill. Additionally, a sizable gift shop and a delicious fudge shop are located within Grand Country Music Hall. Essentially, a week in Branson could be spent without ever needing to leave this property; however, if guests do find themselves needing something from Walmart or a latté from Starbucks, Grand Country’s location on 76 Country Boulevard lends itself to prime convenience, with both of these being within walking distance.

Recognized as one of Branson’s signature entertainment venues, Grand Country Music Hall has been hosting some of the town’s most beloved live shows since 1971. The theater features a broad array of shows from country to comedy to gospel, delighting guests of all ages. From the quality of the vocals and instrumentals to the elaborately crafted costumes, this venue certainly does not disappoint. Playing now are Grand Jubilee, Comedy Jamboree, Amazing Pets, Down Home Country, New South Gospel, Branson Country USA, Ozarks Country, and Ozarks Gospel

The 2023 season will see eight spectacular live shows presented at Grand Country Music Hall. While visitors come to shows to see outstanding musical performances, a major contributing factor to the shows’ success is the high quality of the costumes. Each show necessitates its own distinct costumes, which are designed to aptly suit the themes of their respective performances. Multiple costume changes occur in each show, greatly elevating their corresponding musical numbers. With all of these things in motion, it’s astonishing that one person brings it all to fruition. That person is Megan Williams, the Wardrobe Director for all eight shows at Grand Country Music Hall. 

Megan Williams holds degrees from Truman University in both theater and communications, creating an effective skill set for costume making and for identifying the needs of the performers for whom she designs. While in college, she acted in theater productions and was active in the improv space, furthering her understanding of live performance. Following college, Williams worked in the costume department at Silver Dollar City before joining the team at Grand Country Music Hall as the former Wardrobe Director’s assistant. She reflects on beginning her job at Grand Country, saying, “My first day here, they had me rhinestoning clothes, and I’m like, ‘Wait, do I work here now?’ and [the former Director] was like, ‘Oh yeah, you’ve got the job. It’s yours.’” Williams worked as an assistant for about a year until the former Wardrobe Director retired, at which point Williams became head of the department.

Williams worked with her own assistant prior to the pandemic, but for the past two and a half years, she has primarily done it all by herself. She actually values the solitude, and explains, “I noticed [that] whenever I had someone else to kind of bounce ideas off of, I tended to second guess myself a lot. [Now], I have to be decisive. Trust your gut, [and] just do it.” Autonomy is crucial in a creative setting, and it is through this that Williams believes that she has been able to produce some of her best work. When making artistic decisions, Williams loves the freedom to say to herself, “This is kind of a crazy idea, but I’m gonna do it.” Having this independence has allowed Williams to creatively flourish, and anyone who has seen the intricate designs worn by performers in the shows at Grand Country Music Hall can confirm that Williams is incredibly talented. 

Aside from the creative component, the role of a Wardrobe Director is one that requires flexibility and quick problem solving. On the occasion that Williams is confronted with a potentially show-stopping obstacle, she maintains a cool demeanor, saying, “I’m one of those people who just takes everything in stride.” The costumes worn in each show are dependent on the specific content that the show contains. Comedy Jamboree, for example, is encompassed by an evolving collection of topical humor. Williams speaks to this, saying with a laugh, “[Comedy Jamboree] is one of the hardest to costume because I never have a single clue what is going to be in the show.” She enjoys the annual narrative shifts, though, saying, “That’s kind of what the beauty is, of that show. It’s such a variety.” Williams considers this model to be sustainable, keeps the show fresh, and will keep guests coming back for years to come.

It is clear that Williams has a true passion for what she does. She says she has “so much fun” doing what she loves, and a genuine sense of joy exudes from her when discussing her work. The theater extends an abundance of trust and artistic liberties to Williams, making for an ideal environment in which to effectively create. Thanks to her ability to solve problems in a pinch, she rectifies wardrobe malfunctions with ease. She juggles quite a bit in her role as Wardrobe Director at Grand Country Music Hall, and does it extremely well. Williams’ philosophy echoes the famous words of renowned fashion mogul Tim Gunn: “Make it work.”  

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