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Queen Esther @ Sight & Sound Theaters

Branson's newest show in 2023

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Sight & Sound Theater proudly presents Queen Esther Live on Stage in Branson, MO.


Queen Esther is a stunning production that is taking the stage by storm at Sight and Sound Theater in Branson, Missouri. This epic biblical story follows the journey of Esther, a young Jewish woman who rises from obscurity to become the queen of Persia and save her people from extermination.

From the moment the lights go down, audiences are transported to the opulent courts of ancient Persia, where the extravagant sets and intricate costumes bring the world of Queen Esther to life. The show is a feast for the senses, with breathtaking special effects, including impressive pyrotechnics, state-of-the-art sound, and stunning lighting.

At the center of the production is the powerful and captivating performance of the actress playing Queen Esther. Her portrayal of this fearless leader is nothing short of remarkable, bringing a depth of emotion and courage to the role that is sure to leave audiences in awe. With her commanding presence and stunning voice, she is a true standout in the production, and her performance is a testament to the skill of the Sight and Sound Theater’s cast and crew.

In addition to the stunning visuals and incredible performances, Queen Esther is also an emotionally charged production. The story of this brave young woman’s rise to power is both inspiring and uplifting, and the themes of courage, faith, and determination resonate with audiences of all ages. Whether you are a fan of biblical stories or simply enjoy high-quality theater, Queen Esther is a show that is not to be missed.

So if you are in the Branson area, make sure to catch Queen Esther at Sight and Sound Theater. This breathtaking production is a must-see for anyone who loves great theater and is looking for a truly unforgettable experience. With its powerful performances, stunning sets and costumes, and unforgettable story, Queen Esther is a show that will leave a lasting impression on all who see it.

Playing March 11th-December 30th. Call Discover Branson for special discounts and money-saving packages that will make you smile.

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