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Branson Behind the Curtain: Rick Thomas Mansion of Dreams

A Series by Discover Branson

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Having entertained millions of people with multiple world tours spanning over 50 countries, Rick Thomas is one of the most celebrated musicians in the magic industry today. Caesars Colosseum and the Sydney Opera House in Australia are notable venues at which he has appeared, as well as performing extensively in Las Vegas and on Broadway in New York City. Rick Thomas' Mansion of Dreams hosted at Mickey Gilley Grand Shanghai Theatre is a must-see experience in Branson. The show is a magical extravaganza, and is full of incredible illusions and mind-boggling tricks. If you're looking for some exciting things to do in Branson, make sure to check out Rick Thomas' Mansion of Dreams show.

The Mansion of Dreams show takes place at the Mickey Gilley Grand Shanghai Theatre in Branson, Missouri. It's an incredible visual spectacle, featuring stunning costumes, extravagant set designs, and great special effects. Rick Thomas is an accomplished magician and illusionist who has performed in Las Vegas, on national television specials, and in several other countries. He's a master of the art of illusion, and his show has been described as "a beautiful theatrical experience."

The first act of the show is filled with classic illusions like sawing a woman in half and making people disappear and reappear on stage. These illusions are carefully choreographed and beautifully executed, making them mesmerizing to watch. The second act starts with Thomas performing card tricks and other sleight-of-hand illusions. The climax of the show is the act that involves his signature illusion, the Sawing a Woman in Half Trick. You'll be amazed at how Thomas pulls these acts off, and how the audience is engaged throughout the performance.

Rick Thomas is not just an illusionist, he's also an entertainer. He engages the audience in every part of the show. Throughout the show, he makes jokes, he interacts with his crew and his audience, and he presents the illusion tricks with an unmatched showmanship. His ability to keep the audience entertained is one of the reasons why his show is a hit with both kids and adults.

Discover Branson had a chance to talk to Griffin Dvorak, the technical director at Mickey Gilley’s Grand Shanghai Theatre. Dvorak has worked at this theater for six years, filling a broad array of roles. He explains, “I basically coordinate the illusions, make sure they’re ready to go on stage.” An important element of a magic show is making absolutely sure that the illusions go according to plan; Dvorak is tasked with ensuring this level of excellence. “We always try to be consistent, especially with illusions.” With a laugh, he continues, “Illusions are a little tricky.” Occasionally, a problem will arise that requires fast thinking and immediate attention. “Every once in a while, [an illusion] might not go as planned, and we have to be quick [to fix the issue].” A common thread that can be detected in every successful live show is the ability for many minds to work in tandem to achieve a stellar outcome. “It’s a team effort, firstly. We all chip in. If somebody has time to help, we give them a job if they’re available. Some of us are on stage, some of us are off stage,” Dvorak says.

Mansion of Dreams show is a unique experience that you don’t want to miss while in Branson, Missouri. Rick Thomas and his team of illusionists are incredibly talented, and they always put on an incredible show. It's a spectacle that you and your family won't forget easily. So, if you're looking for something fun to do on your next trip to Branson, make sure to include Rick Thomas' Mansion of Dreams show on your itinerary. You’ll have a magical time! Contact Discover Branson for the best prices on tickets to tons of spectacular shows and attractions, as well as vacation planning from our skilled travel experts.

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