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Critically acclaimed impersonator Matthew Boyce takes you on a trip from Elvis’ humble roots in gospel music, through his wild and crazy days in Las Vegas, to his star studded career as a Hollywood movie star. Each moment comes to life as Matthew and this award winning cast recreates Elvis’ greatest songs and moments in life to show why Elvis was truly the king.

Take a riveting journey through the life of Elvis Presley at Elvis Story of a King in Branson, Missouri.

This incredible production tells the story of the King’s life from his humble beginnings to his rise to fame and ultimate world-wide superstardom. Follow along as we travel through time and witness some of Elvis’ most iconic moments such as his appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show, the making of Viva Las Vegas and more! Plus, electrifying live performances that will leave you mesmerized by this captivating show.

Come experience the power of an American music legend at Elvis Story of a King! Get your tickets now!

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Customer Reviews
11 reviews
Best Elvis Show Ever
Posted by Mark A Brown on May 16, 2024
We just left the Elvis Story of a King - fantastic 5 star show, this is a must for Elvos fans and anyone else that enjoys a great story and show. Narated by Gladys, this show takes you from the start of Elvis career to the grand Hawaii 1973. Mathew is a supurb singer and performer.
Mesmerizing Elvis Tribute!
Posted by Zachary Reed on Dec 28, 2022
What a fantastic show! Matthew performs a fantastic job, and the best part is a very amazing Elvis tribute! There is also a storyline, backup singers, plenty of costume changes, and more! You must watch the performance!
Fantastic Elvis performer !
Posted by Ronnan Callum on Dec 23, 2022
Fantastic Elvis performer Matthew Boyce. His voice is amazing and frequently reminds listeners of Elvis. He will have a promising future in his career. The act had a lot of genre and costume changes and was really energetic. I also found his mom's story of his life's events to be interesting. Overall, I would highly recommend this show.
A Good Elvis impersonator
Posted by Joanna Evie on Aug 31, 2022
We have never seen a better Elvis impersonator! Fantastic show! I like how it accurately portrays his life at that time period, down to the costumes and musical instruments. Never a dull moment in this very briskly paced presentation. The performers were all great! Quick intermission with little time spent trying to sell one something, unlike the majority of other Branson events. His enthusiasm for performing the play is apparent. He walked out of our bus as we were getting off to talk to us and answer our questions when we were on a bus journey; it was quite touching! I'd without a doubt recommend watching this show.
Posted by Ayden Bailey on Aug 19, 2022
AWESOME show! Talent, amusement, fun, history, and AMAZING music!! We had a fantastic experience! A MUST SEE for Branson fans!
An emotion performance
Posted by Jayla Logan on Aug 17, 2022
By the time the show was over, I was positively overcome with emotion. I thought all of the performers were outstanding, and I especially liked how the show's narration and Elvis history were incorporated. Also very family-friendly. I can see how they were recognized as the best new show.
Amazing Impersonator!
Posted by Enzo Cooper on Jul 12, 2022
Quite a distinctive show experience! One of Branson's best voices belongs to Matthew Boyce, the young actor who plays Elvis. With Elvis' mother narrating the entire performance, it served as a sort of documentary. There were so many songs and outfit changes during the performance. The performance by Matthew with the band and backing singers is not to be missed!
The finest of the eight shows
Posted by Tisa Harley on Jun 28, 2022
The finest of the eight shows we witnessed, fantastic show. In these two hours of authentic Elvis, Matt Boyce delivers everything. Although there were only approximately 150 people, the entire cast gave a performance worthy of a packed house. Exceptionally professional the band, support singers, and Matt Boyce were all excellent and extraordinarily gifted performers. Don't missing it.
The King is ALIVE!
Posted by Theo Peterson on Jan 29, 2022
Lovers of Elvis, unite! I've watched a lot of Elvis performances, but this is by far my favorite! Matthew Boyce is outstanding in every way. In competitions against other Elvis impersonators from across the world in Las Vegas, he has taken first place in every category. In accordance with the era and the songs that Elvis sang, his jumpsuits and other attire are accurate. Receiving a scarf that he kindly autographed was the cherry on top of the performance. King is still alive! Shut your eyes and visualize; you won't be able to distinguish between the two! I enjoyed every second of it!
A Quality "experience"!
Posted by Aidan Cohen on Jan 24, 2022
Amazing!!! This is not just another Elvis impersonator concert. It's a quality "experience"! Matthew Boyce is incredible!!! Words cannot express the talents of this entertainer! You must "see it to believe it" in person how he portrays the King! The story line, which he wrote, follows Elvis' career in a way that you think he is actually Elvis. Don't miss this show!!! All the shows at the American Theatre in Branson are awesome! Thanks to the entire cast and crew of this show! I can't wait to see it again!!!
Posted by Calvin Howard on Jan 20, 2022
Excellent presentation; well worth the cost. many changes in costume. The information provided was fascinating. My favorite Elvis performance ever!
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