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Cassandre' The Voice of an Angel Christmas Spectacular

Pepsi Legends Theater • 1600 West 76 Country Blvd. • Branson, MO 65616
Cassandre' The Voice of an Angel Christmas Spectacular
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Cassandre: Hear the Voice of an Angel in Branson, Missouri!

Experience the power and beauty of music when you witness Cassandre: Voice of an Angel in Branson, Missouri. This awe-inspiring show features a talented cast of singers and instrumentalists who will astound you as they bring to life some of the most beloved gospel and inspirational songs.

30-year veteran performers in Branson, Timothy and Cassandré Haygood put on a show unlike anything else in Branson and now their world class Christmas show is moving to The Hughes Brothers Theatre in 2023! Cassandré’s stunning, world class voice and Timothy’s mastery of multiple instruments is backed by an incredibly accomplished band! The cast also features additional soloists and dancers, as well as the lush vocal harmonies of the Stardust Band! Dazzling costume changes and high energy production add to the fun!

The evening's centerpiece is Cassandre – a magnificent vocalist whose stirring renditions of gospel classics like "Oh Happy Day" will make you feel like you are soaring on angel wings. Accompanied by her band, she brings new life to timeless favorites with her soulful voice, creating an emotional atmosphere that will stay with you long after the performance is over.

Cassandré has a one-of-a-kind voice recognized by concertgoers around the world! Her unique clear, pure tone, with incredible depth and range will delight your ears and move you! She effortlessly transitions through so many musical styles that those who attend the show RAVE about the amazing musical experience and comment over and over that they never expected to see such a production here in Branson!

For an evening full of joy and inspiration, don't miss your chance to experience Cassandre: Voice of an Angel!

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Customer Reviews
15 reviews
Epic show
Posted by Matthew Olson on Nov 27, 2022
All the music and singing was beautiful. Great singer with a great band as well. This by far my absolute favorite singer, got goosebumps. Also, a wonderful person and a performer. Will surely recommend to watch this show.
She Stood my night
Posted by Mae Ant on Nov 24, 2022
Cassandré stood out my night! very calming voice that makes you watch again. She is probably the best singer in Branson that I have ever heard. She never fails to bring emotion to every song she sings. Her voice had such a kind of warmth that I get emotional whenever I hear it. She's such a great singer.!
Incredible show
Posted by Ron Miranda on Nov 5, 2022
What a perfect singing technique, stunning performances and enjoyable to watch. Surely, you'll had a great time watching this show.
Posted by Fay Rodriguez on Sep 22, 2022
This show is outstanding and I've seen it several times. I usually feel better when I leave than when I arrived. She has a lovely voice and is a nice performer! I fully recommend this show!
The star of the show
Posted by Luella Hughes on Aug 4, 2022
I loved spending the evening with these lovely artists, especially Cassandré, whose distinct, clean tone and remarkable range and depth will move you. She transitions through so many different musical genres with ease that audience members constantly compliment her incredible musical abilities and say how surprised they were to see such a production in Branson.
A good collaboration
Posted by Place Brown on Jul 13, 2022
There's no doubt that Timothy and Cassandré Haygood put on a show. Their music takes us back to memories of the most romantic, exciting, and loving times of our youth. Times filled with fun and laughter we knew wouldn't last, but we will always be thankful for and never forget.
Lost for words
Posted by Phoebe Kate on Jun 30, 2022
I'm still in awe of this wonderful show . It was so angelic and very professional performance. Loved her voice, as well as the big band sound. It was an outstanding performance by all involved. A must show to see.
Great song selection!
Posted by Everleigh Miller on Jun 17, 2022
Great song selection and really entertaining. Her wonderful patriotic presentation was embraced and appreciated by all.
Big Kudos
Posted by Stephany Rewart on May 10, 2022
I will be honest: I never really was a fan of Cassandré's music, but you can't deny the woman has a powerful voice. Also, she's been through so much hardship, which I can relate to, so kudos to her for rising above any music she sings. Best night with her with my family! so worth it!
Spectacular performance
Posted by Judy Scottson on Apr 24, 2022
Incredible live music with the best singers, delivered the songs flawlessly and beautiful. Never want to miss a single bit of the performance, will surely be in the next show.
I liked the show
Posted by Dionne Garcia on Apr 17, 2022
As well as her band, Cassandre has a great voice. Although she obviously does some songs better than others, we still really liked the show.
Good for the soul
Posted by Jonas Barnes on Mar 16, 2022
If you're looking for a show that could calm your soul, this is the one ya'll! It will surely bring you happiness and contentment just by listening to Cassandre's performances. Truly an angel's voice.
A real angel
Posted by Clarissa Black on Feb 14, 2022
She will always be the most beautiful thing I can have in this world. I love your voice so much; it's as if I were listening to a real angel. Thank you for so much in my life.
The Voice of an Angel indeed!
Posted by Eloise Davis on Feb 12, 2022
This program is highly recommended. You will never forget Cassandre's lovely voice. She performs a mix of pop and classic songs, and she kills them all. In between her outfit changes, her tight-knit band plays a number of songs. Don't miss this show!
Lovely Voice
Posted by Chantria Jones on Jan 18, 2022
All ages will find the show to be quite enjoyable. The musicians are quite skilled. Casandre' is humorous and has a lovely voice.
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