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That Mentalist Guy

Nashville Roadhouse Theater • 3750 West 76 Country Blvd. • Branson, MO 65616
That Mentalist Guy
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Blending world-class mentalism, mind reading, and a healthy sense of humor, this unique and uplifting virtual mentalism show will leave you in stunned amazement.

Steve specializes in stunning feats of mentalism, He creates amazing experiences you will remember for the rest of your life. All delivered with humor and style.

Steve is an accomplished mentalist having performed across the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Mexico. Recently he was chosen as the official magician of the American Hockey League's Ontario Reign.

Steve's love of magic started at 7 years old, Chuck Jones, a well known magician that had a television show in the L.A. market appeared at his school. Chuck asked Steve to join him on stage for the linking rings, and Steve was hooked.

At nine years old he was doing shows out of his bedroom window for the neighborhood, and by the time he was a teenager he was performing for service groups, churches, county fairs, schools, as well as local talent competitions.

He has appeared at the Magic Castle, Magic Island and various venues in Las Vegas. In his early adult years he transitioned from doing magic on stage to bringing it to the big screen.

Steve worked in the visual effects departments on some of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters. His team of effects artists were nominated and won two Academy Awards for "The Abyss" and "Terminator 2".

He has come back to his first love of performing for live audiences.

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Customer Reviews
10 reviews
Aesthetic Show
Posted by Naome Poppy on Oct 14, 2022
You're gonna love him every single moment of the show. Won't give you any spoilers or anything but a great show needs a great antagonist. Salute to this man! I'll see him once more.
A Unquestionably Mental Riddle
Posted by Lincoln Ramos on Sep 14, 2022
Steve is highly approachable and encourages participation from the crowd. Your focus will be on him the entire time since the show is so captivating! Wow... how does he do it? Unquestionably a mental riddle.!
full of excitement
Posted by Lee Perez on Sep 9, 2022
The only thing sad about the ending was the fact in itself that the show was ending. Now it's hard for me to imagine a day without watching The Mentalist. Down for the next show!
Posted by Thompson White on Aug 29, 2022
This show does have a man with the ability to spot minute details, but he does so much more, he plays mind games with people, reads their emotions and sets elaborate traps to catch them which is very exciting to see. Will leave you in awe. This is a must see.
A GREAT Time with my Girlfriend
Posted by Levi Banks on Aug 14, 2022
If you're reading this review, don't hesitate to purchase your tickets! The show was extremely amazing, and my girlfriend and I are still mystified by how he pulled it off. Steve is a great stage presence and a very nice person. Steve has magic, I'm sure of it. BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW, YOU MUST ATTEND THIS!
Posted by Samel Jackson on Jul 14, 2022
You'll leave this show wondering how he did it. Steve has amazing talent! You must watch this show!
Posted by Koen Gardner on Jul 3, 2022
Despite the fact that we've seen Steve perform multiple times, he never disappoints! He is a brilliant mentalist and magician, but he also has a talent for engaging and captivating audiences. Don't pass up the chance to witness his show if you get the chance!
very Intriguing
Posted by Jackson Martinez on May 24, 2022
From the suspense regarding his true identity, to the mind games between him and Patrick, all of it is presented so well to keep you intrigued for the entire course of show. Will surely never want to miss another show.
Jaw dropping Experience
Posted by Recca Grey on Apr 30, 2022
First of all if you're in dilemma of deciding whether should watch it or not then put your doubts aside and give it a go, you will not regret it. A well balanced protagonist that is smart, sexy and have a good sense of humor, plus Patrick's background story is so emotionally strong that you can't help yourself to connect with it in a deeper way. Definitely going back for another experience.
Posted by Josiah Clark on Apr 15, 2022
Awesome. This show is a must-see because there is a lot of audience participation. Everyone in my group appreciated it a lot. We all left certain that he can read minds. Steve is an incredibly talented entertainer. I'll see him once more to try to learn how he does it!
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