Marvel Cave at Silver Dollar CityIf you are interested in enjoying the outdoors and exploring some caves, Missouri is the place to be.  In addition to being the “Show Me State,” Missouri is also referred to as “The Cave State.”  According to the Missouri Speleological Survey, Missouri is home to over 6,000 recorded caves.  Of those about 3/4 are privately owned, and about 1,500 are owned by public agencies.

If you are planning a trip to Ozark Mountain Country, you may want to include a tour of some of the beautiful caves in the area such as Marvel Cave, Talking Rocks Cavern, Fantastic Caverns, Cosmic Caverns, Sequiota Cave, the Smallin Civil War Cave or Mystic Caverns.  All of these caves are within an hours drive or less from Branson.

Smallin Cave Lantern Tour

Nestled in the hills of beautiful Ozark Mountain Country between Branson and Springfield you will find one of natures’ true treasures, Smallin Civil War Cave!

You will begin your Smallin Lantern Tour by checking in at the Smallin Cave Visitor’s Center and Gift Shop which contains an array of Ozark Crafted gifts and souvenirs.  Then you will begin a wonderful adventure filled with Ozark Comfort Foods, Civil War Tales, and a guided tour by lantern light through an amazing cave!

Dinner is served around the campfire and consists of Ham & Beans, Cornbread, Fried Potatoes, and King Sized Cookies, all traditional Ozark Cuisine. While you are enjoying your dinner owners, Kevin & Wanetta Bright, dressed in authentic Civil War Era attire, will charm you with folktales from the perspectives of both the North and the South.

Next you will venture to the cave led by Kevin, Wanetta, and the simple light of their lanterns.  This is a particularly enjoyable part of the tour, a brisk walk in the evening air, gazing up at the stars and the moon, which seem quite clear with no sign or street lights to compete with their brilliance.

Once you arrive at the cave, you will walk through a 55-foot-tall by 100-foot wide entrance and journey down a 550-foot walk-through of an amazing work of Mother Nature! The cave is full of beautiful formations and interesting creatures. Kevin and Wanetta continue to entertain with Civil War Tales as you explore the wonderful surroundings of the cave.

As you exit the cave you might even catch a glimpse of one of the Baldknobbers, a legendary gang of outlaws who resided in the Ozarks.

The Smallin Lantern Tour lasts about 2 hours, and is by reservation only. The cost is 29.95 per person.

Click here for more information, or phone us at 1-800-768-3892.


Talking Rocks Cavern

Talking Rocks CavernsTalking Rocks Cavern is located in Branson West, only a short drive outside of Branson.  Truman Powell explored Talking Rocks (formerly Fairy Cave) in 1896 and it was opened to the public in 1921.  On a tour you can view a multitude of beautiful crystal cave formations with several different kinds, colors, and textures.  The main chamber is about 30 m high and 180 m long. 

 Talking Rocks offers a variety of activities to entertain the family.  Kids can play in the Sluice and find unpolished garnets, quartz, and even emeralds.  You can also enjoy a round of mini-golf or go through the crawl maze called “Speleo-Box.”  On the property there is also a picnic area, hiking trails and a lookout tower available for your enjoyment.

Smallin Civil War Cave

Smallin Cave Branson MOSmallin Cave is located in Ozark, north of Branson.  Henry Schoolcraft first discovered the cave in 1818.  Local folklore and Civil War legends speak of a secret connection between the occupying Union army and the cave.  Many believed that the northern commanders used its roomy depths as a hidden storage area for ammunition and artillery.

Smallin Cave opened with tours to the public last year.  They offer reservations for Lantern lit Civil War tours of the Cave including a camp- fire dinner and also wild cave adventures.


Cosmic Caverns

Cosmic Caverns is located ½ way between Branson and Eureka Springs in Berryville, AR.  During your tour you will enjoy seeing 2 bottomless cave lakes, one of which has had trout in it for nearly 50 years.  You will also see a 9-foot soda straw formation at “Silent Splendor,” a newly discovered area of the cave.

Fantastic Caverns

Fantastic Caverns located northwest of Springfield offers America’s only ride through cave tour.  This cave was discovered in 1862 and further explored about 5 years later.

As visitors take a jeep-drawn tram ride, they will learn the history as well as view thousands of outstanding formations.  Visitors will be able to enjoy stalactites and stalagmites, soda straws, massive columns and flowstones, draperies, and more.

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